Friday, September 27, 2013

SMPTE Camera Cables

 Fiber-Optic Tri-Loc camera connectors are compatible with all connectors in the field (LEMO, Canare, etc.), making them ideal for high-end, live-broadcast productions.

 Extremely rugged and reliable, the connectors are comprised of the heaviest gauge stainless steel available on the market. They also feature a low-loss Telcordia® GR-326 fiber-optic endface geometry, perfect for today’s most demanding cinematic and broadcast productions. With industry-standard options such as a quick disconnect push/pull self-latching system and ARIB/EBU and ANSI/SMPTE compliancy, the SMPTE 304 Connectors are among the highest-performance options on the market.
The composition of our SMPTE 304 / 311 camera cable assemblies make them perfect for use in broadcast trucks and studios and at sports stadiums.  The steel construction provides the durability necessary for continuous use in the field, while the fiber optic connectivity interfaces with today’s digital cameras. Both of these features put Major Custom Cable's SMPTE 304 connectors at the top of their class. 
Customers can choose between Belden-, Furukawa- or Major Custom Cable-brand wires for a complete cable system. 

Custom reel options also give the user control over how and when to deploy the cable system.  Major Custom exlucsively stock Schill brand reels.
Need rack mount patching solutions.  Major Custom Cable has a variety of both custom and standard off the shelf solutions or in rack distribution of SMPTE connectivity.

SMPTE 304, while the traditional camera interface, is not the only option.  Major Custom Cable is not just the first Certified OpticalCON Assembler in North America, but also the largest.  Our large state of the art facility located in the central United States allows for quick deliveries to either the east or west coast.

Neutrik's preferred test and repair center in North America, we offer a host of both off the shelf, and custom designed solutions.  Patch cords, reels, and custom OpticalCON patch bays.
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Expanded Beam Fiber Optic Cables

Expanded Beam fiber optic connectivity has been around for decades.  Over the past few years the water shed of connectivity solutions from the military sector have filtered down in to industrial and especially into broadcast deployments.

Expanded beam simply means that the fiber optic connector end face has been manipulated in some way to over size the launch and receive point of the optical transmission to increase fault tolerance.  Most commonly, this is done through the use of a spherical glass lenses embedded in the connector causing a non contact surface as opposed to the tradition ferrule to ferrule contact we see with traditional fiber optic connectors.

Expanded beam connectors come in many different flavors of connectors and termini.  Some examples are versabeam from Molex, ProBeam from Tyco, HMA from Stratos, Winchester E1 and the like.

These connectors are typically IP68 rated when in the mated condition.  This means they seal out not only dirt and other contaminants, but they are also completely submersible when mated.  Stratos shows us how their HMA holds up to the abuse of extreme field use.
When these connector system are combined with the rugged tactical grade cables currently on the market, cable assemblies become suitable for almost any application.  OCC (Optical Cable Corp) is our primary supplier of tactical cable.  This video shows us why.

Expanded beam connectors are perfect for high and low temperatures, desserts, marine use, staging and lighting, broadcast and other mobile deployments, and where high volumes of mating cycles occur.

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